Mighty Grip Ankle Protectors

Pole Dancing Accessories

As well as the all important poles and outfits there are plenty of pole dancing accessories available. Some of the top rated products and where to buy pole accessories are below…

Grip Solution

Mighty Grip Many people turn to extra products to help them with gripping the pole if they have sweaty hands or can’t keep a hold when performing tricks. Mighty Grip is just one of a long list of products out there that can help you keep a stronger grip on the pole. Mighty Grip in particular is a pretty popular choice as it is designed with polers in mind and is light, colourless so it doesn’t leave streaky marks and you only need to use a tiny bit to really stick well to the pole. It apparently isn’t the best choice if you have overly sweaty hands though and can transfer to the pole making it harder to slide.

For my full review of Mighty Grip and other Grip Solution products as well as where to buy please click here

Pole Cleaner

Pole CleanerA lot of people swear by acetone or alcohol to clean their poles and they do the job extremely well but to minimise damage and keep your poles looking their best X-Pole have their very own pole cleaning solution which “quickly removes unwanted grip buildup, oil and grime” It can’t be used with silicone or powder coated poles however. Buy X Pole cleaner from their website: X-Pole- Leaders in Pole Fitness

Pole Crash Mat

Yoga Direct Pole Crash MatSafety first! Crash mats are a very worthwhile investment if you’re trying lots of advanced pole moves, especially if you’re performing moves quite high up your pole and there is a risk that you might fall off. There are various styles and thicknesses to choose from; these Yoga Direct mats come in 2″, 4″ or 5″ thickness depending on how much support you want. They also look great too – they come in 2 different colours and they fit snugly around the pole with no gaps. If you want a bit more of a portable matPalladium Poles Crash Mat or one that is a bit thinner and doesn’t get in the way of floor tricks however this 1″ thick Palladium Poles mat is foldable and has handles for carrying. It has velcro fastenings to keep it in place when around the pole as well.

Ankle Protectors and Gloves

Mighty Grip Ankle ProtectorsAre ankle protectors and gloves worth it for pole dancing?
I have personally never used any kind of protectors and just let my skin build up a tolerance to bruising, cuts and burns – it took a while and it’s still building up now but I feel like it might have taken longer had I used anything like this.
Saying that there are a range of products designed to help and who doesn’t want to avoid red raw hands, legs and feet if they can help it! Mighty Grip are just one company that make ankle protectors and pole gloves as well as inner thigh protectors, knee climbing pads and wrist supports. There are a lot of mixed reviews for all of the products but the ankle protectors currently come out as the best rated at 4.1/5 stars on Amazon – apparently they are mostly suited to beginners and can make it difficult to climb but do really help minimise bruising and cuts.

Please let me know your thoughts and if you have any personal experience using any of the skin protectors in particular, I would love to hear more.