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Learn how to Pole Dance for Fitness

The benefits to Pole Dancing for fitness are endless, if you need some convincing check out my 10 Reasons to Pole dance. There are some incredible pole dancers out there but they all started somewhere and built up their strength and moves gradually and you can do the same too.

Pole Classes

I would recommend that everyone, if they can, start learning pole fitness in a pole dancing class. This way you have a trained instructor showing you how to execute moves correctly, checking your form, giving you goals to work towards and making sure you’re doing everything safely. They also usually have the best poles and equipment and can recommend other products which might suit your personal needs. Also, perhaps most importantly, you’ll meet lots of other lovely people and will hopefully gain a little pole family who you’ll look forward to seeing every week.

Where to find Pole Dance Fitness Classes

World MapPole dancing fitness classes are becoming more and more popular across the globe and chances are that you will have a dance studio or fitness centre that is offering them not too far away. The easiest thing to do to find one is to google ‘Pole Dance Classes’ and your location or nearest city and a list of the closest classes to you should pop up from there. Check out google reviews if they have any to give you a good idea of what kind of classes they offer or get in touch with them to find out more information and prices. Class prices can vary from studio to studio.

If that doesn’t work you can also check out Dance Near You or Pole Pages UK for classes in the UK or Your Pole Pal who have a directory for the US, Canada, UK and various countries around the world.

If you can’t get to a studio or you just want to practice in between classes then providing you have the space you can buy your own pole dance pole for not too much money. Check out my review of some of the best Pole Dance Poles available to buy. Once you have your own pole there are numerous options to learn pole at home…


Pole Exercise DVD 3There are lots of DVDs available that can help with everything from the basics and fitness routines to walking you through expert and extreme pole moves. Most of them are instructed by pole fitness experts, instructors and pole dance champions and you can choose from lots of different ones dependent on what you’re looking for. Check out my review of the top rated Pole DVDs out there for an overview of what’s on offer.

Online Pole Videos

As well as DVDs there are various videos online available for both inspiration and instruction. There are some websites that offer 100s of instructional videos (see my review of the best online places to learn pole here) that you can pick and choose from as you develop your skills. They also have links to lots of other great information and can be a great resource for instructors in particular. Youtube is another great place to check out, there are so many different channels from different pole dancers and pole dance schools, you can probably find a how to on just about any kind of move you’re looking to learn as well as loads of videos for inspiration and tips as well as help with your pole equipment.

BooksVertical Athlete: Fundamentals of Training for Pole Fitness and Dance

In addition to all of the video content out there, there are lots of different books about pole dancing that are great for reading up on pole and also learning new moves from the step by step pictures in them. These can be especially handy if watching videos and DVDs in front of your pole isn’t an option or perhaps want to get some inspiration while you’re doing your commute or before bed. Check out my reviews of the best Pole Dancing Books to buy

However you choose to learn, I hope you enjoy it!


Do you have any other great recommendations on how to learn pole? Please get in touch if so, or if you’re thinking about learning pole dancing as a beginner and need any other information. 


  1. Greer says:

    Hi, I reviewed your post on pole dancing for fitness. I enjoyed the experience. I actually expected something totally different when I saw the Pole Dancing theme. I imagine that you have an idea where I went when I saw “Pole Dancing”. I can’t say this is the first time I have seen pole dancing for fitness. It’s just been a while. So, I imagine the many readers you will get will find the read just as enjoyable as I have. I especially liked the fact that you spoke to the possibility of getting DVDs to train and then linked your review of the top DVD. I clicked the link and went straight to it. I will say that I clicked on the world map and secretly hoped it would have a link to locate a dance studio near me. So I am glad you have another link near the map so the reader can search for a nearby studio. Well done overall!

    1. Sarah says:

      Thanks so much for your comments, they’re really encouraging and I’m really glad you enjoyed reading through it. I’ll have a think about how I might be able to link the map up to classes, that’s a good idea!

  2. Anthony says:

    Hi, Sarah. Thank you for your sharing!
    To be honest, I know nothing about pole dance. So, the resources like DVD and online pole dance video mentioned in this article are useful for people like me. I am not sure if books are good for learning pole dance. Because I am the one who like to watch the motions and practice them. I find it easy to learn in that way.

    I heard that some men also do the pole dance. Is it true?

    1. Sarah says:

      Hi Anthony, thank you for your comment, I know what you mean, it is often easier to learn by watching videos. Yes men can pole dance and there are a lot that do – there are even lots of competitions for male pole dancers, check out my post about just who can pole dance here if you want more info:

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