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As well as classes, DVDs (check out my DVD review post here) and Books there are also a huge range of online resources available in order to learn pole dancing, or gain inspiration for instructing, performance or competitions. Please see a few of the best places to find instructional pole dancing fitness videos below…

CreHome Pole Dancingated by Amber Starr, Pole Dancing Courses is a website offering over 100 videos of in depth lessons, covering “EVERYTHING you ever need to know about pole dancing” It has easy to follow lessons which you can either stream or download and they show you how to do 50 different moves mentioned below, Home Pole Dancingplus combos and fitness routines with both close up and full body camera positions. It is taught by 3 different teachers so there are different styles you can learn, and it offers something for beginners through to advanced dancers. It is a great option if you can’t make it to classes.

Pros: Suitable for pole dancers at all levels. Well priced and cheaper than lessons (currently on offer at $47USD one off fee). Also currently offering a great bonus package including a Pole Dancing Dictionary, Conditioning and Fitness Videos, extra moves and routines, footage of Pole Dancing Championships and free updates. Can order it in additional DVD format (+$19.95USD). 60 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Cons: Still not as thorough as attending lessons in person and having your form checked by an instructor. Obviously need your own pole first.

>> Check out the website and order here: <<

Pole and Aerial is a website with a catalogue of over 800 lessons from various different instructors including world class and American pole champions. They offer everything from beginners lessons and warm up videos to extreme pole move how to’s.

There are a number of free videos but to access all of the content you can either pay per video, monthly or yearly. It has some great stuff on there and each video includes safety notes and the key grip points you’ll need to use to complete the move, as well as an overview so you know what you’re getting before paying. The website is also a great resource for instructors as there is an option to buy pre-paid curriculums, you can become certified as an instructor for pole flight and pole dance (although I can’t vouch for how beneficial these are to a career in pole dance)

Pros: Offer some free lessons for you to try them out. Great for everyone from instructors through to beginners. So many lessons that there will be just about everything you need to learn on there. Also offers aerial hoop and silks lessons.

Cons: Bit pricier than some of the other online options, but still probably cheaper than most lessons.

>> Sign up to here <<

Cleo’s Rock N Pole

cleo the hurricaneCleo the Hurricane, a two time Australian pole dance champion, has her own range of pole clothes and shoes, DVDs and branded workouts but also has her own online instructional video series with some serious style and with a reoccuring rock theme. Taught by a team of pole experts the videos are categorised into warm ups, fundamentals, pole tricks, strong and flexy and chair and floor work and offer different videos for beginners through to experts. There are weekly tutorials uploaded as well as different fun challenges to get involved with as well as a community of polers all learning the same moves. To get access to all of the videos you can pay monthly ($24.95USD) or annually ($199.95USD)

Pros: Is very unique and seems a bit more fun than other online courses. Constantly updated with new material.

Cons: Again is a bit pricier than other options but still cheaper than lessons.

>> Check out Cleo’s Rock n Pole here: <<


There are plenty more great DVDs and instructional websites out there but if you’re just looking for one off pole dancing clips of how to do certain moves or inspiration for routines then youtube has tonnes of videos and channels dedicated to pole from some fantastic dancers on there. This is just a list of a few that I’ve been watching lately for inspiration.

Julia Wahl – Julia has tonnes and tonnes of videos and has lots of tutorials as well as videos of her performances and competitions and also aerial silk and hoop work. She is a very popular pole youtuber.

Ava Madison – Ava also has some great tutorials as well as some really cool videos shot from different perspectives and as a bonus some bloopers and fails videos which can remind you that even the experts make mistakes sometimes.

StudioVeena – Studio Veena also has her own online lessons website at but her youtube also has loads of great content if it is just some inspiration you’re looking for.

Pros: Easily available to everyone. So much content, it will keep you going forever. Free!

Cons: Isn’t particularly beneficial if you don’t know what you’re looking for or need guidance on what moves will suit your level of fitness.


I hope the above helps with your quest to learn or improve your pole dancing. Please let me know if you have any other sites you would recommend. 

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  1. Beeneeta says:

    I have been looking for information regarding weight of the body. I weigh around 180 pounds, well I was more than that. I have been working out on my weight. now my concern is do you think I can join pole dancing classes with my 180 pound or should I wait till I lower it more.


    1. Sarah says:

      Hi Beeneeta, thank you for your comment.

      Yes you can definitely try it and it is a great workout, it’s suitable for almost everyone and the poles are very strong as long as they’re fitted correctly. I have written more info about finding classes and how to learn here:

      Let me know if you have any further questions at all, and good luck with your weight loss.


  2. jettaranda says:

    I wish I had the body confidence to do pole. I know it can be done in the privacy of your own home, but still, my family is there and I feel so afraid of falling or doing something wrong.

    What you listed looks great and would definitely help someone like me who hasn’t a clue of what to do with a pole.

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