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Pole Dancing Outfits – What to Wear

Just like with all sports and fitness regimes, you need to choose suitable Pole Dancing clothes. You always want to be comfortable with what you’re wearing but dependent on what level you’re at this can range in the amount of skin that needs to be on show. For some some guidelines on what to wear for Pole Dancing please see below…


What you wear on your top half all depends on what tricks you’re going to be doing. For spins, climbs and basic inverts for example you could wear any kind of top that is comfortable but you do probably want it to be tight fitting to avoid it getting in the way or coming up over your head when you’re upside down. It also helps if it’s made out of a breathable or light material to help if you get hot and sweaty. Triforce Sports BraOnce you start moving on to more advanced tricks which require using your side and shoulders to grip then you probably want to look at wearing a cropped strappy top or sports bra that allows for as much skin on show for grip as possible. You do want to choose one that won’t make you feel self conscious though and that gives you as much support as needed. You can get sports bras from your usual sports shop but there are also lots of pole specific brands that do some gorgeous designed and bright coloured bras and tops like this one from Bad Kitty.




You will need to get your legs out from the very beginning of learning how to pole dance – but everyone is in the same boat so don’t worry about it. Shorts are suitable but the shorter the short the better so your thighs can grip the pole. Wink Dancewear ShortsThey will ideally be fitted as well so you can’t see up the crotch, but always make sure they’re comfortable too and not so tight that you can’t move and exercise easily. As you advance and your confidence increases you might want to move on to wearing even shorter shorts or hot pants like these printed ones from Wink Dance Wear.



Cleo the Hurricane shoesAlthough you can use ankle protectors and toe pads and other aids to help you grip, I always prefer to stay bare footed when learning and practising. I think this is especially beneficial for climbs as you build up a tolerance to the the pole and I find it’s so much comfier when moving around. When doing pole flow and routines though, or for performance then heels add that extra sexiness. There are some amazing and totally outrageous ones out there like these ones from Cleo the Hurricane, although my ankles don’t really care for heels that high.


Performance/Competition Wear

For performing and competing you obviously want to put a bit more effort into what you’re wearing and there are lots of different places that offer more extravagant outfits but also may be able to help you design your own.


Warm Up/Cool Down

For warming up and cooling down you might want to choose to wear something a bit comfier like sweats or a tracksuit. There are also plenty of pole branded t shirts, leggings and sweatpants out there too if you want to keep with the same theme throughout your workout.


To buy the above clothes and to find out some of the best places to buy Pole Dancing clothes, check out my post here





  1. Kien says:

    Hi there.

    This is such an interesting topic. i find it very easy to follow your content.

    I am just curious where else do they have pole dancing other than strip club? I want to come see it one day so i can compare between the two lol.

    and I agree that the dancer should choose comfortable outfit since too much clothes can get in the way and may cause accidents.

    1. Sarah says:

      Thanks so much for your comment. Pole fitness – which is totally different from strip club dancing – is becoming huge so chances are you will be able to find a local class near you where you can go and check it out and maybe try it (men pole dance too), there are also plenty of pole competitions around the world where skilled athletes and dancers show off their moves:

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