Reviews of the best Pole Dance Mats

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When practicing pole dancing, safety is so important and that’s why most people use pole fitness crash mats underneath their pole for support when training. When doing tricks at a height  there is always a chance you may fall and hit the floor, and even if you’re not very high it’s always comforting to know something soft will catch you.

There are lots of different mats to choose from with different thicknesses, colours and shapes and you need to choose one that will suit you best. If you do a lot of floor work you might want a thinner mat or one that is easy to fold up and move so it doesn’t get in the way but if you’re doing lots of complicated tricks high up the pole then perhaps a thicker one would be better to give you more support if you do happen to fall.

I’ve put together a selection of just a few of the best rated pole dancing crash mats for sale…


Lupit Pole Mats
Lupit are a fantastic company who sell aLupita Crash Mat selection of high quality poles and accessories and ship worldwide from their Slovenia base. The development of their products have been designed by pole professionals and athletes and they are constantly looking to improve.

  • The underneath is made of anti-slip fabric to ensure the Mat does not move
  • 1500 mm Diameter
  • Comes in pink, gold, black and silver
  • Available in 4, 8 and 12cm thicknesses.
  • Fast installation.
  • Able to be folded and carried.

Pros: Lots of different colours to choose from. Ships worldwide. High quality.
Cons: On the pricier side (€200 – €279)


>>Buy Lupit Pole Mats here <<

Platinum Poles Dancing Mats (UK Only)

Platinum Pole Dancing Mat

Platinum Poles stock high quality poles and accessories and are a leading manufacturer in the UK.

  • 1200 mm (4ft) diameter
  • Comes in 2″ and 4″ thicknesses
  • Can choose from Black or Pink
  • Heavy duty polyester-reinforced PVC outer cover safe for use with heels and dance shoes
  • Folds away into 4 quarters for easy storage
  • Works with all brands of dance pole

Pros: Great price (Currently on sale at £99.97 – £119.97)
Cons: Only available in the UK currently. Less wide than some other mats.
>>Currently on sale on Amazon UK here <<


Wacces Pole Dance Foldable Crash Mat (US only)Wacces Pole Dance Foldable Crash Mat

This mat gets excellent reviews on Amazon and is another great priced product. The reviews say it is good quality, fits around the pole really well, is a great thickness for pole work at home and is very easy to fold up and carry because of the handles on the side.

  • 5ft diameter
  • 2″ thickness
  • Comes in blue, black and pink
  • Made of high quality cross-linked polyethylene foam core and durable heavy duty industry standard vinyl
  • Folds up into quarters making storage or transportation easy
  • Creates a safe cushion around dance poles in seconds

Pros: Good price ($125.00 + $4.95 shipping). Different colours to choose from. 
Cons: Only available in US. Only comes in one thickness option.

>> Buy from Amazon US here <<


Please let me know if you have any questions about the above or get in touch if you have any other places that are great to buy pole safety mats. 


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