The 10 best Pole Dancing gifts

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Do you need to buy a present for the Pole Dance Fitness fanatic in your life? Do you need some ideas for your wish list? Does your Aerial Instructor deserve a treat? I’ve compiled some ideas of the best gifts for Pole Dancers and Aerial artists below..


1. Pole Dance Slogan Tee

Eat Sleep PoleThere are so many different colours, designs and slogans to choose from and they are available from lots of different Polewear outfitters and websites so you’ll have lots of choice when it comes to picking the perfect present.
Redbubble is a great website which has lots of different designs from independent designers and you can also buy lots of different products such as mugs and phone cases too.

>> Buy this design and lots of others here at RedBubble <<


2. Deep Tissue Massage

massage-therapy-for-women-3110Pole dancers and aerial artists push their bodies to the limit in order to reach tricky moves and complete routines and often end up achy
the next day so a massage would be the perfect treat to help them recover.

>>To find local massages on offer check out Treatwell in the UK or Massage Envy in the US<<


3. Pole Dancing Jewellery

If they’re the type of person that likesPole Dance Charms to let everyone know about their passion, perhaps some pole dancing jewellery that they can cherish forever would be the perfect choice. There are lots of shops and online stores that sell some gorgeous jewellery like these necklaces to the right.

>>Buy one of these necklaces and other pole dancer jewellery at Etsy<<



4. Arnica

ArnicaBruising is pretty much unavoidable as a pole dancer. A great remedy for this is Arnica which is a topical herbal cream made specifically for the treatment of bruises and it gets great reviews of helping reduce bruising and swelling quickly. It’s a great practical and cheap gift so perfect for a stocking filler!

>>On sale at Amazon in the UK here & US here <<



Aerial Art Colouring Book5. Aerial Art Colouring Book

For all of the times Aerial artists aren’t expressing their creativity on the pole, they need another outlet to exhibit their passion and what better way than this aerial art colouring book, perfect for practicing mindfulness and winding down.
>>For sale on Amazon here in the UK and here in the US <<


6. Online lessons or DVDs pole-dancing-classes

If they have their own pole studio or pole at home then a subscription to some online pole dance lessons or a Pole Fitness DVD would be a perfect and very useful gift. Check out my review of the best online lessons here and DVDs here to get some inspiration.


X Pole XPert 45mm Chrome - Static And Spinning - Professional Pole Dancing Kit7. Pole Dancing Pole

If you’re feeling really generous you could buy them their very own pole dancing pole for the home. There are loads to choose from at all different price ranges, check out my review of some of the best poles for sale here: The Best Pole Dancing Pole For You or take a look at X-Pole who are one of the most renowned and trusted sellers of Dance Poles.


8. ShoesPleaser Shoes

If they’re a bit of a shoe fiend as well as a Pole Dancer then you’ve found your perfect gift! Now all that’s left is to choose the right pair. One of the most popular Pole Heel brands are Pleasers and there are an endless list of colours, styles and most importantly heel heights to choose from.

>>I’ve found they’re cheapest on Amazon UK and Amazon US or check out my post on the best places to buy Pole Shoes <<


9. Gift Vouchers

If the person you’re buying for is particularly picky then vouchers might be the best option. All of the below have Gift Vouchers available to buy on their websites:

Wink Dancewear 
have a gorgeous selection of polewear and ship worldwide.

X Pole US here – gift certificates are available for X Pole, one of the most well known Pole brands around.

Pole Junkie sell clothing from different brands as well as pole and exercise accessories.


10. Pole Dancing Lessons

For anyone that hasn’t tried Pole fitness, one of the most amazing gifts you could ever give someone is the opportunity to give it a whirl. Or perhaps it could be the perfect gift to yourself?

There are loads of Pole dancing courses and classes available all over the world and chances are you’ll have a studio near you that offers them. If you don’t know of one already try googling ‘pole dancing classes near me’ to find your closes class, it really is for everyone. Need some persuading, read my article Who can Pole Dance For Fitness to find out if it’s for you?


If you’ve got any questions about the above or have any other great ideas for Pole Dancing gifts then please let me know. 

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  1. Kent says:

    Very interesting article! I have a friend that is obsessed with pole-dancing in a good way of course (for fitness and health reasons). Up until I met her, I always thought pole-dancing was a naughty form of activity and boy was I wrong! Great article as I will be sharing it with my friend!

    1. Sarah says:

      Thanks so much for the comment, great to hear you have a friend that’s into pole dancing too and I’m glad she changed your mind about it! That would be great if you could, thank you 🙂

  2. Karen Harper says:

    That jewelry looks rubbish. I bought mine from and it’s far superior.

    1. Sarah says:

      Oh yeah that looks like a great site and has some gorgeous jewellery, thanks for the tip!

  3. Faviola says:

    Hi Sarah!, thank you so much for including PoleCharms as a reference for Pole Jewellery <3. Those ladies where my first product and i'm so proud of them, i now offer a custom silver charm design that's created with a picture of the dancer in the pose. Making them truly unique and deeply personal item. Happy holidays! x.

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