The Best Pole Dancing Shoes

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One of the most fun things about learning and performing pole routines is you’re encouraged to wear awesome heels and shoes for that added sexy edge. Obviously this doesn’t really apply if you’re just learning pole for the fitness aspect, but if you’re big on heels or like to wear them on nights out then you might want to check these places to buy pole shoes out anyway.

There are lots of different heel heights, styles and colours to choose from and the amount of foot coverage varies from shoe to shoe so make sure you’re thinking about what would be most suited to you when dancing, and try and go for the best quality shoe that you can afford to avoid injury or sore feet where possible.



Pleaser pole shoesPleaser Pole Shoes are one of the most well known and high quality brands out there in the pole world, they have such a massive range, are really well priced, offer innovative designs and have a great reputation. They get some really good reviews and a lot of people say they are super comfortable.

There are lots of stockists that sell Pleaser pole dancing shoes but I always find that Amazon have the cheapest options and the widest selection.

>> On sale here at Amazon UK and Amazon US <<


Bad KittyBad Kitty shoes

Not only do Bad Kitty have some gorgeous pole outfits and clothes, they also have a beautiful range of shoes to buy on their website and all for a pretty reasonable price.

The ones to the left are also pleasers but they have a huge selection of styles and colours makes it difficult to pick but there is really a pair for everyone and every occasion.

>> Buy your Bad Kitty shoes here <<



XIX are a relatively new brand but are already paving the way in ethically friendly shoes for pole dancing. XIX heelsAll of their heels are made from 100% vegan materials, designed in Britain and made in Russia and they come with a 3 month tread guarantee (they are confident that the quality is so good that the tread on the heels won’t peel that quickly)

They have some really wacky and colourful designs and they are made with pole dancers in mind so you know you’ll be getting something which doesn’t hinder your dancing.

>> They ship internationally, buy your XIX heels here <<


Tony Shoestony shoes

Tony Shoes come in some great colours and styles, and they have a lot of nice 5 inch heels as well which are a bit shorter than a lot of the pleaser varieties.

The Pole Dancing Shop is a great place to get everything you need pole related including a fantastic selection of Tony shoes. Their page gives you the option to look at different heel heights as well as type of shoe or you can shop by price if you have a strict budget.

>> Buy your Tony Shoes here at the Pole Dancing Shop <<


A lot of these heels are extremely high and can be difficult to walk in if you’re not used to them so please always be careful when wearing and only ever buy if you’re comfortable!


Let me know if you have any questions about the above or have any other favourite places to buy pole shoes? 

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  1. JeffWA says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I completely admit although many years ago going with a group of guys that I knew then, we went to an exotic dance club and were entertained by a few pole dancers. I also recall that at least one of them was very good at what she did, in a sense “bringing down the house”.

    In reading your article, I gather that the higher the heel the more arousing look that it provides to the dancer, as in essence the shoe makes her legs that much longer, (and more attractive).

    Obviously with any pole-dancing shoe the gal would want to have her feet and toes, (pedicured in attractive nail polish) to stand out. Closed-toe pumps would not have the same effect.

    The shoes when I clicked on a few to look at their prices indeed appear to be quite reasonably priced. No need for a gal to invest $400 – 500 dollars in these type of shoes when a pair costing under $100 would be just as attractive to her audience.

    You have a very unique niche that you are promoting and I wish you all of the best in your online business. IT is also pretty obvious in looking at your “about me” page that you must be a very talented pole dancer.


  2. Evie says:

    I thank you for choosing a vegan friendly pair of shoes as one of your best. The xix shoes also do look great. Whilst I cannot wear shoes (prefer boots) I usually keep a few pairs of heels in my photo studio. One reason being that sometimes people don’t always bring the best shoes with them for boudoir work. These will make your legs look longer but also heels make your legs look more toned and it also changes your stance. So you look longer and leaner overall especially with the extra height.

  3. Liz says:

    I’ve been interested in learning pole dancing, but strictly for gaining the extra strength. Are there any specific shoes you would recommend to wear for someone only wanting to pole dance for the fitness aspect? Or are bare feet just fine?

    1. Sarah says:

      Hi Liz, great to hear you are interested in learning pole, it is so good for improving strength. While you’re learning and if you’re doing it more for fitness then bare feet are absolutely fine or if you do want to wear something, you could try some ankle protectors such as as your feet will bruise at first. Hope you enjoy it!

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